New site, Instagram and Wix App

So as you've noticed - I've re-opened my site today. The old ones were slow and messy and since I've been modeling since 2013, I needed to remove the old stuff and decided to start over. I have dreads and in many of the old photos, I don't. I want to stay up to date.

Green dreads + glasses

Today also, I hit 1,5k on Instagram. Followers don't pay bills, but they do bring more work. So I'm pretty stoked to be honest.


The Wix App has changed so much blogging has become nearly impossible. I'm going to have to figure that out, because I was lazy with it before.

Anyway, that's all I have today! Drop me a line below to let me know what you want to see and read about.

Sadie out! ✌ 💋 ☀

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